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We Pre-Washing & Pre-Shrinking Matters

We pre-wash & pre-shrink EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. For a child that's an entire difference in size! And for a parent, that’s very annoying. That’s why we pre-wash and pre-shrink every. single. item. It takes time and money but it's worth it to us. It means that the size you buy is the size you'll get. You literally can't shrink it. And we literally love that. 

The Grow Pant

The collection was inspired when our founder had a son who would quickly grow out of every baby pant that existed. Buttons, flies and zips were everywhere, and nothing seemed to match the stage of life he was in. Everything was hard to get on and off or was overpriced for the quality or looked like you glued khakis on to a sweat pant waistline. Simply put, they didn't function. And they were designed to be grown out of, not grown with. And so our original Faux Pant was born, now lovingly named the Grow Pant.The Grow Pant was born from this need for effortless, growable children's clothes. It is meant to be worn high on the waist and lowered as your child grows. Easy to pull on and off, this pant is just what they need for bathroom breaks, outfit changes and more. Also comes in baby sizes.We never want to look at a button, fly, or zip again (on children's clothes that is).
 Adjustable waistband that fits all shapes & sizes!
Pockets, belt loops & a faux zipper that gives the pant a tailored look
Pulls on without zippers or buttons 
Cuffs to suit their size or length as they grow