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Surprise Balls, 16 prizes

  • Hand made in small batches by the Oso & Me Team
  • Each ball includes 16 fun prizes
  • Sell out quickly - check instagram for restocks!
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Color: 16 prizes

We may have underestimated the popularity with our Surprise Balls. Please note, each Surprise Ball is hand made at our Headquarters in San Francisco. Turn around time is 10-14 days and they cannot be expedited. If they are sold out when you visit, check back on Instagram stories for the next bunch.  Please email info@osoandme.com for any special requests.

These are not your typical surprise balls. They are made with hand-cut Italian crepe paper, stuffed with 16 great toys, and they are sure to keep your little one busy for a while. But what IS a surprise ball?! Basically, it is layer upon layer of different colored crepe paper. Each time the color changes there will be a little gift. Children unwrap each layer and at the end are surrounded by a joyous pile of colored paper and 16 toys. The perfect morning birthday present before school or table setting for the kids table or gift all unto its self! 

Surprises include (these are subject to change depending on the time of year):

1. Eraser 2. Bouncy Ball 3. Art Supply (either mini paint set, ink stamp, or three stacking crayons) 4. Doll (either worry dolls or sticky window climber) 5. Finger Trap 6. Oso & Me Tattoos 7. Bracelet (either friendship or zipper bracelet) 8. Paper Crown 9. Animal (either a hopping frog, sea creature, or growable dino) 10. Fidget Toy (either a Retractable Tape Measure, Finger Puppet, Pencil Sharpener, or a Yoyo) 11. Natural Wonder (either a shell or a polished gem) 12. Miniature Notebook 13. Fortune Telling Fish 14. Wood Spinning Top 15. Paper Balloon or Washi Tape 16. Colorful Throw Streamers (don't worry they are self-contained for easy clean up)

*These Surprise Balls are made in house with humor. Not all are perfectly round but all are sure to make your child happy.*