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The Clothes

Cecil Dress with Francis Short


We’ve made clothes that last longer than a year. Our signature pants can be worn through 3 growth stages, from cuffed to cropped. Even our dresses are designed with growth in mind, turning into tunics later on.

Peter Pan onesie and Althea bloomer


Our reversible styles make it fun to get dressed and can be turned inside out at the drop of a paintbrush. Designed for unpredictable moments and their ever changing taste.

Jefferson Shirts and Reversible Pants

Jefferson Shirt and Reversible Pant


Clever details are our specialty. A little extra room in our styles and special hidden touches make getting dressed easier and more comfortable, without compromising style.

Painting by Happy Menocal

The Prints

Our prints are a collaboration with artist Happy Menocal. We love taking her painted characters and creating prints each season. Mixing and matching prints is an art form even toddlers can master.

Lynn Jacket and Bennie Jumpsuit

Jefferson Shirt and Reversible Pant, Betty dress, Peter Pan Shirt and Faux Pant

The Story

Raised on a ranch in California, Claire Hudson spent a lot of time climbing trees. In starting her family she felt strongly that her children should be able to dress themselves, and no clothes were too nice to play in. She created Oso & Me as wardrobe full of clothes that are beautiful, functional, and worn for all occasions. We hope you love these clothes as much as we do!

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