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Our Clothes

We make clothes with your child in mind.

They will always be easily worn, easily washed and make getting dressed fun.

Designed with your Child in Mind

Your children's clothes should be made thoughtfully, sustainably, and with high-quality standards that withstand generations of hand-me-downs while decreasing the amount of clothes you have to buy. 

Made to Last Longer

We make clothes that last longer, that grow with your child, and are as aesthetically beautiful as they are functional. We obsess over special details with tailoring that allows our clothing to be worn longer even through all of those growth spurts.

Its All in the Details

We focus on the little things which is why every piece we design is made using the highest quality elastics, custom snaps, stacked buttons and contrasting trims. Our signature pants can be worn through 3 growth stages, from cuffed to cropped. Even our dresses are designed with growth in mind, turning into tunics later on.

Our Story

Raised on a ranch in California, Claire Hudson spent a lot of time climbing trees. In starting her family she felt strongly that her children should be able to dress themselves, and no clothes were too nice to play in. When Claire had her first child and he grew out of his baby clothes in 6 month, she set out to solve the problem of functional clothes that last longer for kids. She met Marie Clare in the process of starting the business and they joined forces in the Summer of 2017 to launch Oso & Me. Together, they created Oso & Me as a wardrobe full of clothes that are beautiful, functional, and worn for all occasions.

Who is Oso? He is the bear behind it all....the cuddly, soft companion that leads us on the adventure that is going almost 4 years strong.

We hope you love these clothes as much as we do!

Our Design

We aren’t fast fashion. We only develop styles when something is missing, and we invest in the development. Once a style is made, we don't forget about it. We continue to improve it with every season. It can take over a year to develop a new base cloth, and once we launch it, we continue to tweak and improve the performance, lifetime, colors and design. In this way, we are always evolving and improving our collection so that the wardrobe is both functional and practical for you and your child. Clever details are our specialty. A little extra room in our styles and special hidden touches make getting dressed easier and more comfortable, without compromising style.

Essential vs Seasonal

We keep our core items available all year round. They are the foundation for our brand. We design our seasonal collections off the essentials line, so you can always mix and match the two collections with ease. We launch our seasonal collections in the Fall and the Spring, in addition to a Holiday capsule collection.

Fabric & Details

We design our own fabrics and do so with an incredible amount of attention to detail. We work tirelessly to make sure we love every aspect of the final piece before we launch. What can we say, we are very particular....

Our clothing is made up of a variety of fabrics including an extra soft double knit jersey, organic cotton, Japanese muslin, poplin and French twill. Our clothes will always be pre-shrunk, machine washable and made to last.

Custom Prints

Our one of a kind prints feature custom artwork by Happy Menocal. When developing our seasonal prints, we keep our essentials collection in mind so that everything mixes and matches season after season. We love to create prints that are sophisticated for the adults in the room, and entertaining enough that the kids get a kick out of them too. Mixing and matching prints is an art form even toddlers can master.

Our Values

Buy Less, Wear Longer

We believe that less is more. Our clothing is made in long lasting cotton materials and includes growable features. Our reversible styles allow you to have two shirts (or pants) in one while our fabrics have been created to stand the test of time.

Sourcing & Making

We work extremely closely with all of our factories and are so grateful for the exquisite craftsmanship and beauty they bring to the Oso community and each piece we create. We partner with talented people across the globe who are the best at their craft. Our smocking and embroidery is hand-done by a team of artisans in Madagascar. Our jersey knit is sourced from Peru and its softness is unbeatable thanks to the organic pima. While many of our styles are created right here in our backyard of San Francisco, we find a lot of joy in searching high and low to find top quality materials and partners to team up with.

Reduce Plastics & Recycle
When We Do

We do our part to reduce our plastic use and recycle at every chance we can. Did you know that traditional retail wraps their products in new plastic at each stage of development, from fabric production all they way to shipment to you. We try and source our fabrics as close to our production partners as possible creating less plastic and distance they have to travel. Our products are also bulk packed when they arrive to us in San Francisco and again onto our fulfillment center, goodbye to individual packaging. We then ship your order to you in easy to dispose of tissue paper with reusable and compostable packaging. We are continuing to do our best to cut down on plastics and our carbon foot print as much as we can.