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Our Clothes

Function meets style for children on the go.

Functional Design

Our clothes are as aesthetically beautiful as they are functional - we obsess over special tailoring details like cuffs, flexible waistlines, and neckline pleats. These innovative "growable" designs survive frequent growth spurts. We also focus on pull-on-pull-off styles to foster easy dressing from newborn to size 8. Getting dressed should be the easiest part of the day.

Made to Last

Children never stop moving and their clothes should keep up. We are uncompromising when it comes to the quality of our fabrics and construction of our clothes. Only the softest and most durable make the cut. Preshrunk and machine washer and dryer friendly, Oso pieces are designed to be passed on for years to come. Buy less, wear more.

It's All in the Details

We focus on the little things which is why every piece we design is made with a strict adherence to the tiny details that matter the most. Premium fabrics, custom snaps, stacked buttons, and contrasting trims make our clothes unmistakably Oso.

Our Story

Climbing trees, making forts, running through fields, and feeling free was how our co-founders, Claire Hudson and Marie Clare Brush, grew up. When they couldn't find functional, beautiful children's clothes for their own families, they decided to create their own. San Francisco-based Oso & Me makes thoughtfully designed clothes for babies and children to play in. Every piece is designed with development stages in mind, so dressing is easy at every stage, and we only use the softest and roomiest fabrics that move with children on the go.

Our Design

We aren’t fast fashion. We only develop styles when something is missing, and we heavily invest in development. It can take over a year to develop a new material and we continue to improve the performance, longevity, colors, and design until it's perfect. Clever details are our specialty. A little extra room in our styles and special hidden touches make getting dressed easier and more comfortable, without compromising style.

Fabric & Details

We design our own fabrics and work tirelessly to make sure we love every aspect of the final piece before we launch.

We are very, very particular....

Whether we're using an extra soft double knit jersey, organic cotton, Japanese muslin, poplin, or French twill, our clothes will always be pre-shrunk, machine washer and dryer friendly, and made to last.

Custom Prints

Our one of a kind prints feature custom artwork by Happy Menocal. When developing seasonal prints, we keep our essentials collection in mind so that everything mixes and matches season after season. We love to create prints that are sophisticated for parents to appreciate and entertaining for kids to get a kick out of too. Mixing and matching prints is an art form even toddlers can master.

Our Values

Sourcing & Making

We work extremely closely with all of our factories and are so grateful for the exquisite craftsmanship and beauty they bring to the Oso community and each piece we create. We partner with talented people across the globe who are the best at their craft. Our smocking and embroidery is hand-done by a team of artisans in Madagascar. Our jersey knit is sourced from Peru and its softness is unbeatable. While our styles are created in our San Francisco office, we find inspiration in searching the world to find top quality materials and partners to team up with.