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Flip it and Reverse it Bundle, Blue Spruce

  • Jack Lee Shirt in reversible Portuguese Double Cloth
  • Bowie Pant in french twill
  • Grow Pant in flat twill, can be cuffed
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Color: Blue Spruce
Size Guide
Size Guide - Child
oso and me size guide child
Size Guide
Size Guide - Child
oso and me size guide child

With four outfits in one bundle, this trio packs a big punch. Pair the reversible Jack Lee in Red Plaid with the Bowie Pant for a laid back look or throw on the Grow Pant for a more sophisticated style, depending on your mood. Both pants have an adjustable waist and are easy to pull on and off.


Reversible shirt, reversible pant, reversible dress... they are what they sound like. In one item we allow your child to choose between two great options.


Our flexible clothes allow you to have a perfect fit every time. Flexible dresses have extra buttons as well as a longer tie for your child's unique waist. Flexible pants can be worn high on the wast, low on the waist, or wherever you want on the waist. After all, children come in all different shapes and sizes.

Limited Edition

We create limited edition collections four times a year. These items never go on sale and we only make the amount we think we can sell. Unlike our Essentials collection, we generally do not restock these items. These items sell out quickly.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Pre-shrunk
  • Machine wash and dry