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Behind the Seams: Surprise Balls!

Here at Oso we are smitten with all things playful. Playful prints, playful details, and playful activities to share with our kiddos. Nothing incapsulates this more than our new, and o-so fun, Surprise Balls! Originally released at the holidays, our  hand-made Surprise Balls sold out five times over. Made by hand in our office, (with a whole lot of humor!) these unique and interactive balls are cleverly filled with the best toys for kids of all ages.
1. We use fine Italian Crepe paper in vibrant colors and hand cut each strip!
2. Each Ball is made with humor (and by hand!) in our office by our small team. But what on earth does that mean?? Well they are not all perfectly round, we try our best but sometimes you just have to laugh at your efforts. We hope you do as well.
3. Claire has meticulously sourced all the toys so there are no "throw-away toys" included. We believe in things that last and it's important to us that your kiddos LOVE the toys but also, that we don't buy into things that will go straight to landfill.
4. There are no crazy noise maker toys included (because let's be honest, our little ones are fully capable of making PLENTY of noise on their own...)
5. Finally, we simply adore holidays and we have designed our Surprise Balls specifically with holiday joy for you and your loved ones in mind.